Code of conduct

Both Mater Health Services employees and Mater Education students are expected to observe Mater's philosophy, mission and values and ensure their behaviour is respectful, lawful, diligent, professional, ethical and responsible.

Mater works together as one organisation providing healthcare to public and private patients while recognising and respecting the individual needs of components of our health services.

Behaviour that breaches these principles may result in action being taken under the relevant disciplinary policy.Students of Mater Education are required to abide by State and Commonwealth legislation as well as Mater Health Services policies.

General behaviour
Students have a responsibility to always be courteous, objective, and helpful when dealing with others. They shall treat staff, members of the public and other students honestly, fairly, respectfully, responsibly and compassionately. They are expected to behave in a way that upholds Mater's commitment to respecting the dignity, rights, and views of others.

Students must not denigrate any person's cultural, religious, and/or other beliefs, nor engage in any form of bullying, mistreatment, coercion, harassment (including sexual and racial harassment), or any other unethical or unlawful behaviour.

Disciplinary action will be taken for any breach, which may include immediate removal from the training program.

Any identification badges issued must be visibly worn in a clear unobstructed manner at all times while on Mater Health Services premises. They must not be defaced or altered in any way.

Students will bear the cost of replacing any badges that are lost or damaged. If students are employed within Mater Health Services, identification badges and access must be kept separate.

As part of their studies, students may have access to confidential Mater Health Services information. They must not divulge any information that would breach the privacy of patients, staff, students or the organisation. Such breaches of confidentiality are considered misconduct and are subject to disciplinary action, which may include immediate removal from the training program and possible legal proceedings.



Discrimination, whether direct or indirect, is unlawful. Students have obligations under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.


Health and safety

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 places obligations on certain persons to ensure workplace health and safety. This applies to all Mater staff and students. All staff and students have a responsibility to ensure they work safely, without risk of injury to themselves or people around them.
Students have a health and safety obligation both to themselves and to others. They must:

  • comply with instructions given for workplace health and safety

  • use personal protective equipment provided once they’re properly instructed in its use

  • not wilfully or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided for health and safety

  • not wilfully place others at risk

  • not wilfully injure themselves.


Disciplinary procedures

Any misuse of resources, unlawful conduct or non-compliance with legislation, regulations, codes of practice or Mater Health Services policies will lead to disciplinary action.
If Mater Education feels the training relationship is being abused (e.g. repeat instances of not following training plans, disruptive behaviour or breaches of the code of conduct) it reserves the right to withdraw a student's access to the training program.