To enrol in a course, students must complete the course enrolment form and pay the relevant fees. Students are not considered to be enrolled in a course until the fees are paid.

If a student is younger than 18 and in the care and control of a parent or guardian, the parent or guardian must sign the enrolment form.

Before signing the enrolment form and paying the course fees, students (or their parent or guardian) are expected to have read and clarified the relevant course information and the Code of Practice.

Language, literacy and numeracy assessment

Prospective students applying for some accredited Mater Education courses may be asked to complete a generic skills test, which helps identify students who may have difficulty achieving the course outcomes (see 08. Admission procedures in the Code of Practice). Prospective students may be asked to attend an interview and undergo a written test before being accepted into a course.


Students who don’t achieve the required competency for the program's units of study will need re-enrol (if a place is available) and pay the relevant fees. Re-enrolment will be at the discretion of the course coordinator. Mater Education cannot guarantee places in the program for students who fail to make satisfactory progress.


Students who are offered a place in some courses and cannot undertake their study must re-apply to gain a placement offer for the next intake of students. Deferment after the start of study is only provided in special circumstances, and may be conditional and depend on the continued availability of places in the program.

Any application for deferment should be made in writing to the course coordinator, and include the reasons for seeking deferment. If the application is being made on medical grounds, supporting evidence (such as a medical certificate) should be provided.