Rights and responsibilities

Students and course participants have a right to:

  • a safe and healthy training environment
  • quality training, assessment and supervision
  • consumer guarantees.


Students and course participants are responsible for:

  • participating in your training in a professional and courteous manner
  • following appropriate Mater policies
  • abiding by workplace health and safety requirements
  • taking care with Mater property and resources
  • respecting the rights of others
  • remembering that commercial and patient information obtained from the Mater must be kept confidential. (Breaches of confidentiality are considered misconduct and are subject to disciplinary action.)
  • attending training sessions or workplace placements, and taking advantage of learning opportunities
  • using group work/discussions to develop essential knowledge
  • aligning classroom projects to workplace functions and assessing the outcomes/products/processes used.

Mater is responsible for:

  • meeting legal obligations (i.e. complying with relevant Commonwealth and State Government legislation)
  • providing a safe and healthy training environment that’s free from bullying and abuse (verbal, physical and racial)
  • providing an orientation program that includes information on relevant legislation as well as related rights and responsibilities
  • ensuring qualified people conduct training and assessment
  • providing quality training, assessment and supervision
  • maintaining appropriate student records
  • providing appropriate resources, facilities and equipment to deliver training programs
  • providing appropriate mechanisms for complaints and appeals.