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Research design and implementation

Mater Education, in partnership with Mater Research and the Nursing Research Centre, offers an exciting range of research programs across various areas, ranging from entry to advanced levels, with a focus on translating research into practice inclusive of technical and clinical research specialties.

Committed to leading excellent health outcomes through exceptional research practice, these courses are designed to enhance and align existing research capability in order to collaboratively deliver the highest quality of care for our patients.

Mater’s Research Education Conceptual Framework has three essential aspects designed in a continuum to enhance research knowledge, skill and attitude individually and collectively.

The curriculum has been designed robustly with a contemporary and external focus; enabling these programs to bring world’s best practice and internationally credible insights to the provision of continuously improving clinical care at Mater.

The teaching and learning methodology is innovative, flexible and designed collaboratively with outstanding researchers, expert educators and innovative clinicians to empower the research-learner to develop their research expertise.

Our focus is on community and enabling a culture of ethical enquiry, where we focus on developing individual and collective research expertise with the overall goal to translate the very highest evidence based knowledge into clinical practice. 

We learn with, from and about each other in the constant pursuit of excellence throughout the whole research lifecycle.

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