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Evidence Based Practice Clinical Fellowship Program 2017-2018

This clinical fellowship program is designed for experienced nurses and midwives to conduct an evidence implementation project of their choice, through which they will identify a problem or issue specific to their clinical setting, develop a plan for the project, use audit and feedback to determine current practice and where required, align practice with recommendations from the evidence. A post-implementation audit will then be carried out to determine the level of practice improvement. Participants in the program are supported by a mentor from the Nursing Research Centre.

This program runs over a ten month period and is available to Mater People only.

Program objectives

Participants in the program will have the opportunity to:

  • learn how to implement evidence in practice
  • develop skills in clinical audit
  • gain experience in project management, proposal writing, implementation strategies and making professional presentations
  • submit their finished project to national and/or international conferences and journals.

The fellowship program is an extension of the Nursing Research Centre workshop Finding evidence for your clinical practice and policies, focussing on project development and implementation of evidence using audit and feedback, to improve clinical practice.

Results and posters of individual projects will be presented to Mater staff at the annual Nursing Research Centre’s International Nurses/Midwives Day Seminar. 

The course includes two workshop days:

1. Translating evidence into clinical practice

  • introduction to evidence translation
  • identify a clinical problem/issue
  • identify audit criteria from the evidence and begin planning the project
  • sample and data collection methods
  • analyse the clinical context
  • prepare timeline to complete project objectives

2. Implementing evidence based practice

  • introduction to barriers and implementation strategies
  • develop plan for own unit by identifying:
    • barriers
    • facilitators
    • strategies to overcome barriers
    • use of EB implementation strategies
    • re-audit.


Mater/UQ McAuley Library E zone Training Room
Mater's South Brisbane campus


2017-2018 dates TBC

Eligibility and how to apply

A prerequisite for applying for this fellowship is that you have attended or will be attending the Nursing Research Centre workshop Finding evidence for your clinical practice and policies. (There may be opportunity for exemption based on previous research and EBP experience.)

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