Mother & Infant Care for Enrolled Nurses

Mater Education in partnership with Mater Mothers’ Hospitals now offers the opportunity for Enrolled Nurses (ENs) to increase their skills and knowledge to care for new mothers and babies in the midwifery care environment.

The post-graduate program is designed for enrolled nurses who are currently working in healthcare or midwifery led care, who would like to develop their knowledge and skills as an EN in the midwifery environment.

Participants will learn:

  • anatomy and physiology of the reproductive system
  • anatomy and physiology of the breast and lactogenesis
  • physiological changes to the neonate
  • care of the newborn
  • complications of the newborn
  • postnatal care of women
  • complications in the postnatal period.

This course requires participants to complete three learning modules:

  1. theoretical learning*
  2. simulated learning;
  3. clinical placement in Mater Mothers’ Hospital.

 * Participants may choose to complete the course via either self-directed learning, or in-class.

Course structure & dates

Participants may choose from one of the following delivery options:

  • In-class (April – June 2019)
  • Self-directed (September – November 2019)

In-class (April – June)

This option is best suited to those who prefer face-to-face learning environments with an educator.
Participants will complete all theoretical and simulated learning and assessment in a workshop setting over four full-days (one day per week for four weeks), before undertaking their clinical placement.

  • Workshop 1: Tuesday 23 April
  • Workshop 2: Tuesday 30 April
  • Workshop 3: Tuesday 7 May
  • Workshop 4: Tuesday 14 May
  • Clinical placement period*: 20 May – 28 June

Self-directed (September – November)

This option is best suited to those who require flexibility to study and are motivated to complete self-directed study.
Participants will be given access to online materials and resources to conduct their self-directed learning. To consolidate the theoretical learning, they will attend at a two-day workshop to practice complete simulation assessments, before undertaking their clinical placement.


  • Self-directed learning must be completed prior to the workshops (approx. hours)
  • Workshop 1: Tuesday 24 September
  • Workshop 2: Wednesday 25 September
  • Clinical placement period: 30 September – 1 November

*Participants will undertake 80 hours of clinical placement during the applicable period.


Participants will complete the following assessments:

  • Written workbooks
    • Self-directed: must complete prior to workshop 1
    • In-class: must complete prior to workshop 4
  • Simulated practical assessment of caring for a mother and neonate
    • Self-directed: workshop 2
    • In-class: workshop 4
  • 80 hours of full-time clinical placement in a maternity setting (Mater Mothers’ Hospital)
  • Clinical placement workbook.
Entry requirements

Applicants are selected via criteria relating to previous Diploma of Nursing learning and current work experience. Evidence of previously completed Diploma of Nursing qualification must be submitted as part of the application process.

In addition, successful applicants also need:

  • a Blue Card
  • immunisations—applicants need to provide proof of immunity or have commenced vaccination for:
    • Hepatitis B
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox)
    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
    • Pertussis (whooping cough)
    • Influenza.

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  • In-class (April – June)
  • Self-directed (September – November)
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23 Sep 2019 EN Mother and Infant Care Level 4 Duncombe Building Raymond Terrace South Brisbane Apply Now
08 Oct 2019 EN Mother and Infant Care - WorkShop South Brisbane Apply Now