RTO pre-enrolment

This page provides important information for people considering enroling in a Mater Education course that is a Nationally Registered Training program.

Student Handbook

Our Student Pre-Enrolment Information Handbook provides important information for Mater Education students and should be read by all students prior to commencing with Mater Education.

Unique Student Identifier

If you're a student undertaking nationally recognised training in Australia, you’ll need a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI links to an online account that contains all the training records and results (transcript) you’ve completed from 1 January 2015 onwards. (Your 2015 results will be available in your USI account in 2016.)

When applying for a job, or enrolling in further study, you often need to provide your training records and results (transcript). One of the USI’s major benefits is having easy access to your training records and results (transcript) throughout your life.

To find out how you can create your USI, please watch the video below.

What is RPL?

Recognition of prior learning, also referred to as RPL or recognition of current competencies, is the formal recognition of a person's current skills and knowledge, no matter how, when or where the learning occurred.

Who can apply for RPL?

Even if you have never formally studied or trained in a particular area, you may have gained knowledge and skills through your education, training, work and life experience.
Recognition of prior learning suits people who have industry relevant:

  • work skills or knowledge 
  • paid or unpaid work experience 
  • life experience 
  • community work experience. 

Consider what evidence you already have that demonstrates your skills and knowledge. You must be able to show your skills are current and meet industry standards. Examples of evidence could include:

  • work samples 
  • practical demonstrations in the workplace 
  • assessment interviews 
  • references and support from your supervisors or others in the community 
  • a variety of materials including training certificates, photos of work examples, a resume, or performance reviews.

If your skills match those required in a particular job or industry and can be verified, you may choose to apply for your skills to be formally recognised. 

How do I apply for RPL?

To apply for recognition of prior learning, you should contact Mater Education’s Course Coordinator for the program you wish to enrol in and discuss whether RPL is right for you. If you decide that RPL is the pathway for you then: 

  • review the modules or units of competence, and determine for which ones you wish to apply for RPL
  • gather all documentation and evidence relating to relevant previous work experience and/or courses 
  • complete the application kit
  • submit these to the Course Coordinator.

It is important that you provide sufficient evidence for a fair and valid assessment of your achievements to be made, and that the evidence supports current competencies. Where the evidence relates to the achievements of a work team, your own contribution should be clearly and accurately identified.

You may be required to attend an interview to support your application, or be required to provide supplementary evidence. All documents provided to support your application will be treated confidentially, and copyright obligations will be observed. A fee may be payable for evaluation of your application. You should enquire about this before you complete your application. We can provide feedback on your application and guidance on future options. 

Credit transfer

Credit transfer recognises formal learning. Credit may be given for a completed unit of competency which is equivalent to the learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards in another qualification. If an applicant expresses interest in RPL/CT at the time of application for enrolment or at enrolment, Mater Education Limited will discuss the process and requirements with the applicant prior to submission of an RPL/CT application. All applications for RPL and CT must be submitted at least 10 business days before the course commencement date. No applications will be accepted after the commencement of the course.

Online learning

At Mater Education we use a range of online learning and student placement tools. If you need to complete online learning modules as part of your course, you will receive that information during your enrolment. Mater Education’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) operates on a number of Internet browsers and operating systems. Our preferred browsers are Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Using other browsers (such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) may affect your study experience.

To ensure you can access and use the VLE functions easily, please have one of the recommended Internet browsers installed on your computer. If you aren’t sure which browsers you have on your computer, you can check your settings here.