Optimisation through simulation

Safer, more effective and efficient healthcare delivery is the goal. Simulation provides the pathway to achieving it.

As a nationally recognised leader in the field of healthcare simulation, Mater Education presents OptiSim—a unique service for healthcare organisations, architects, engineers and medical device companies which uses a tailored simulation methodology and human factors expertise to assess and improve all facets of healthcare delivery.

Utilising simulation to emulate real-world scenarios, each customised OptiSim program is designed to mitigate risk, enhance the experiences of patients and staff, and reduce costs.

Through simulations at Mercy Community Aged Care, and Mater's very own new Private Hospital BuildOptiSim provides the ability to test, refine and improve, while engaging and supporting staff and posing no risk to patients.

Enhanced workflow, elevated safety compliance, and cost avoidance in the form of fewer medical indemnity claims and lower premiums are key benefits.

OptiSim’s tailored approach produces exceptional outcomes in:

  • hospital and healthcare facility design

  • implementation of new systems and processes

  • experiential orientation for staff when preparing the roll-out of a new service line or the opening of a new facility

  • trialling new and high-risk medical procedures

  • medical device design and prototype testing

  • stakeholder confidence 


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Innovation and excellence

OptiSim has been developed after almost a decade of highly specialised training and knowledge-gathering in the innovative healthcare simulation space.

Mater Education’s expertise in developing, facilitating and evaluating world-leading simulation programs is also backed by its unique positioning as a purpose driven education provider integrated with a network of hospitals and a medical research facility.

In 2016 Mater Education received the Simulation Australasia Project Innovation Award for its 24 hour, hospital-wide simulation created to process and facility-test a new greenfield private hospital, and orientate staff prior to opening.

Mater Education is also the only Australian Affiliate Partner of the world-leading Center for Medical Simulation based in Boston, Massachusetts.


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