Experiential Orientation

In the high-pressure environment of healthcare, staff familiarity with equipment, knowledge of procedures, and the ability to adapt to every situation that presents can impact patient outcomes.

In response to this, OptiSim Experiential Orientation delivers a tailored in-situ simulation pathway to build confidence, competence, and preparedness.

Whether it is a new clinic being launched or an entire hospital facility being opened, OptiSim Experiential Orientation places healthcare teams inside a new working environment ahead of time to simulate every aspect of a live shift or longer 24 hour period.

Here simulation provides the opportunity to experience all eventualities whilst staff are becoming familiar with settings and equipment and enacting planned processes and procedures—all within a ‘live’ framework that poses no risk to patients.

While real life pressure levels are replicated the controlled environment supports positive learning and practice.

Through this immersive experience confidence and competence is built and there is new scope for analytical assessment about what works and what doesn’t, prior to launch.

The usability, safety and effectiveness of policies and protocols undergo a live conditions test and the team is able to identify and address the impact of environmental factors on how they work.

Mater Education’s detailed product assessment has found OptiSim Experiential Orientation leaves healthcare teams feeling prepared for anything. They report feeling confident in their new surrounds, systems, and each other: they are ready for launch. 

Case study: 24 hour facility soft-opening

To enquire about OptiSim Prototype Testing, contact Head of Partnerships, Programs and Innovation, Stephanie Barwick, on 0438 748 557 or make an online enquiry.