Facilities Testing

Whether it be the development of a private hospital room prototype, redevelopment of an existing ward, or the construction of an entirely new hospital; the importance of intuitive facilities testing cannot be understated.

OptiSim delivers a multi-level approach that makes certain all aspects of a design are trialled and measured for safety and function at every stage of a project: from architectural blueprint, through to fit out and final building acceptance and handover.

OptiSim Facilities Testing simulations include virtual walk-throughs and ‘live’ shift simulations.

Each tailored simulation is designed to ask the important questions, including for example: Does this hospital room layout support effective hand hygiene practices? Will these lift and doorway dimensions support bed relocation in the event of an unplanned ward relocation? 

This multi-level approach ensures:

  • micro and macro design issues are identified early and addressed effectively

  • risk is mitigated so that patient safety and service efficiency are enshrined as key deliverables

  • ​potential for costly rework is eliminated

  • original design intent and ‘vision’ for the facility is fully realised at project completion.


Case study: New private hospital build

To enquire about OptiSim Prototype Testing, contact the team on 1300 070 350 or make an online enquiry.