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Building a Customer Service Mindset


Neuroscience has revolutionised leadership, but what does it have to offer customer service? In this course, you will look through a brain-friendly lens at how customer service really works. Using Mater’s own Mind MASTERY™ Discovery Tool, explore how seven key neuroscience insights apply to your business, online or offline, and get the building blocks your need to take your customer service to the next level.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those who wish to improve their business and upskill frontline workers by delving into the human mind and understanding how customer service really works.

Course information

  • This course is delivered over a 90 minute active learning workshop featuring interactive discussion and application of key concepts to participant’s own business context using the Mind MASTERY ™ Discovery Tool and action planning.

    Workshop topics include:

    • Customer service state-of-the-art: What does it look like?
    • Neuroleadership 101: The impact of threat and reward
    • Introduction to Mater’s Mind MASTERY model
    • Discovery Time: The 7 mind MASTERY building blocks and how they apply to your business.
    • Action planning