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CMS Advanced Debriefing

The Advanced Debriefing program is hosted by Mater Education and the Center for Medical Simulation.

Drawing on advanced techniques from experiential learning and organisational psychology, it focuses on debriefing skills to enhance and extend instructional techniques learnt in the Simulation as a Teaching Tool course.

Who should attend?

To be eligible for this program, you must have already taken either the Comprehensive Simulation Instructor course or the Simulation as a Teaching Tool course offered by CMS through its Institute for Medical Simulation faculty development program.

If you haven’t taken either course, you can apply for an exemption from the Institute for Medical Simulation Education Director by submitting a video of your debriefing for review.

Course information

  • During the program you’ll:

    • run and debrief one of your own scenarios
    • learn how to use an Action Science technique to reflect on debriefings
    • learn how to provide rigorous feedback on debriefings using a structured assessment tool.

    Key topics include:

    • debriefing techniques with feedback
    • providing feedback to colleagues on debriefing
    • using Action Science techniques to assess the quality of debriefing.
  • Mater Education is an Affiliate Partner of the internationally renowned Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston, USA. As the only Affiliate Partner in Australia and one of only three in the world, Mater Education and its alumni have an exclusive level of access to the resources, skills, advice and experience of a team who are international leaders in the field of clinical simulation.