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CMS Healthcare Simulation Essentials: Design & Debriefing


Participants in the course can expect the exceptional educational experience that the Center for Medical Simulation is known for. Each course will feature several CMS faculty, who will work with you in small groups to be change leaders, to develop curriculum, and guide their simulation programs in a way that builds resilience.

To leverage your investment in this course and position your work to have the greatest impact, we will ask you to do some work before you arrive. If you are struggling with “buy-in,” it is likely you are working on the wrong problem, excluding important partners, or trying to achieve the wrong goal. We will help you transform this challenge.

We will work with you to identify a real problem in your organization that can be addressed with simulation (e.g. patient safety issues, curriculum challenges). We will then integrate your questions and challenges about how to address this organizational problem through interactive small group work. Based on the goals and risks you identify, we will help you develop a readiness plan to achieve care quality and safety goals. The SimZones with Good Judgment approach supports you as you develop your readiness plan into an achievable, efficient, and sustainable training program using simulation, debriefing, and development.

We are excited to partner with you on this adventure in simulation instructor training. We look forward to seeing you in the HSE course!

*Updated Healthcare Simulation Essentials: Design & Debrief, formerly known as Sim as a Teaching Tool.

avatars-000333238376-nmtrlh-original.jpgMater Education is an Affiliate Partner of the internationally  renowned Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston,  USA. As the only Affiliate Partner in Australia and one of only  three in the world, Mater Education and its alumni have an  exclusive level of access to the resources, skills, advice and  experience of a team who are international leaders in the  field of clinical simulation.

Course Information

  • With the psychological and financial strains on health care systems and universities, simulation programs increasingly compete with a variety of other healthcare education, quality, and safety efforts for resources. To be relevant, funded, and make a real difference in the lives of clinicians and patients, simulation programs must position themselves as true problem-solving partners. We must solve real healthcare system and health professions schools’ problems in a sustainable way. Our updated Healthcare Simulation Essentials (HSE) course reflects this demanding reality. As a course participant, you will learn to identify the jobs, pains, and gains their colleagues and clinical programs find most urgent. You will then learn to work practically and strategically to translate simulation into visible gains for their learners, colleagues, and organizations.

    Our course also helps you tackle the thorny and persistent challenges of how share direct non-threatening feedback and structure robust debriefing using the “with good judgment” principles and methods. Furthermore, we will introduce SimZones, a training architecture that organizes and powers many of the world's most effective simulation experiences and programs.

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