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Simulation for Healthcare Improvement


In this customised Mater Education workshop, professionals working in healthcare settings will work with our team of simulation training experts to learn how to develop and deliver effective simulation-based education and training activities.

You will discover how to create learning environments that simulate real-life situations and allow trainees to put knowledge and skills into practice by ‘doing’, then reflecting on their performance.

Mater Education is at the forefront of simulation-based education (SBE) in Australia and offers this course in collaboration with the world-renowned Centre for Medical Simulation. The innovative techniques you will learn are drawn from the disciplines of aviation, healthcare, psychology, experiential learning and organisational behaviour.

Key areas of learning and skills development include:

  • the role and application of simulation in healthcare and other workplace environments
  • developing, delivering and reviewing the elements required to build a simulation scenario
  • evaluation strategies for simulation activities
  • developing and maintaining a safe and challenging learning environment
  • the principles of debriefing for conducting a post-simulation debrief

Who should attend

Our Simulation for Healthcare Improvement course is designed for healthcare professionals* with an interest in developing and delivering simulation-based education and training activities.

*It is preferable that participants have an understanding of education in the workplace.

Course information

  • This intensive course will cover the below topics:

    • Needs analysis and learning objectives 
    • Modalities overview
    • Scenario design
    • Psych safety
    • Crisis Resource Management and sim
    • Intro - Debriefing with Good Judgement: PAAIL
    • Four phases of debriefing 
    • Debriefing with Good Judgement cont.
    • Frameology 
    • Simulated debrief
    • In-situ simulation 
    • Interrupted simulation techniques
    • Readiness plans and stakeholder buy-in 
    • Simulation for systems testing 
    • Debriefing assessment 
    • Sim and debrief practice
    • Difficult debriefing 
    • Scenario design, write, run and debrief simulation