Complaints and appeals

We welcome and value your feedback and would like to hear from you about the things we do well, but we know that sometimes things just don’t meet your expectations.

In an effort to ensure ongoing improvements with our services, Mater Education is committed to resolving complaints quickly, fairly, efficiently and courteously.

Our complaints handling procedure explains the steps to take when making a complaint.

To submit a complaint, please complete the "feedback" form via our contact page.

We also have appeals policies to help manage formal requests to review decisions regarding assessment or other .

Our non-academic appeals process covers the handling of issues that may arise from decisions made by Mater Education which do not relate to student progress in a course.

Our academic appeals process relates to student progress, assessment, course content or awards in a course.

To ensure all decisions are fair and correct, procedural fairness (sometimes referred to as natural justice) is adopted at every stage of the appeal process.