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Current students

Online learning

We use a range of online learning and student placement tools. If you need to complete online learning modules as part of your course, you would have received that information during your enrolment. Use the links below to log in to the online component of your course.

Mater Education’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) operates on a number of Internet browsers and operating systems. Our preferred browsers are Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome. Using other browsers (such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) may affect your study experience.

To ensure you can access and use the VLE functions easily, please have one of the recommended Internet browsers installed on your computer. If you aren’t sure which browsers you have on your computer, you can check your settings here.

aXcelerate portal access


Multi-Factor Authentication

Mater has implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to ensure your information and programs remain secure. These changes are a safeguard that will prompt you to provide verification of identity before gaining access to Mater applications and online accounts. 

To setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), please follow the below instructions: