Student placement

Mater is committed to the development of future health professionals by providing opportunities to achieve their student placement objectives in supportive learning environments across our hospitals in South Brisbane, Townsville, Redland and Springfield.

We offer student placement opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying nursing, midwifery, medicine, allied health and other health disciplines through Mater Education or select university partners.


  • At Mater we use the Student Placement Online Tool (SPOT) to manage student placements and student rosters. Students on a placement at Mater will be given a SPOT login and password to access their placement details and/or roster and the Mater Student Placement Handbook. Any students experiencing issues with their SPOT account should contact, or speak to your supervisor.

    SPOT how to guides for student users

Education providers

  • To request a student placement at Mater, Education Providers are required to contact Mater's Clinical Placement Coordinator ( or phone 07 3163 8758. A student deed is required to be in place between the Education Provider and Mater. Once a student deed has been established and placement details have been agreed on by both parties, a schedule for the placement needs to be completed to accompany the deed.

    Mater co-ordinates all our student placements through our Student Placement Online Tool (SPOT). Education Providers will be guided to complete an online placement request through SPOT to process all requests efficiently.

    Our education providers must ensure all their students and staff provide all consents and permissions necessary or required under the Deed prior to commencement of a Placement, including those requirements specified in Schedule 5.