About Us

Mater Education is a nationally accredited, independent, hospital-based Registered Training Organisation (RTO 5210)—the only one of its kind in Queensland. We offer a range of courses for students (undergraduate, postgraduate and prevocational) through to highly experienced practicing clinicians.

Mater Education is an Affiliate Partner of the internationally renowned Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston, USA. As the only Affiliate Partner in Australia (and one of only three in the world), Mater Education and its alumni have an exclusive level of access to the resources, skills, advice and experience of a team who are international leaders in the simulation field.


As an RTO, Mater Education meets a national set of standards that assure nationally consistent, high-quality training, assessment and outcomes for students and participants. We are accredited under the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework (VQF), and can issue recognised Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Qualifications and Statements of Attainment when accredited courses are successfully completed.

Mater Education is also a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET), the national industry association for independent post-compulsory education and training providers.

Our programs undergo continuous quality improvement processes, which can include:

  • annual evaluation using the four-level Kirkpatrick model
  • accreditation with professional colleges and industry bodies
  • external benchmarking
  • annual peer review.


Mater Education is committed to supporting quality healthcare service delivery through:

  • excellence and expertise in education
  • the continuing professional development of healthcare staff and students.


Mater Education's mission is to lead best practice, contemporary learning and development services within the dynamic healthcare environment by:

  • promoting a life-long learning culture to foster an environment conducive to ongoing personal and professional development
  • using a collaborative approach to provide evidence-based education and achieve excellence in learning outcomes across the organisation
  • applying a continuous quality improvement framework to all teaching and learning strategies to ensure the highest standards in healthcare education
  • strategic design and delivery of learning and development options based on current and future healthcare workforce needs
  • integrating learning and development pathways with performance development and planning
  • making best use of innovation in learning and development delivery methods for maximum real-world impact in healthcare.


Mater Education is committed to the Mater Values. Together the Mater Values underpin our relationships with one another.

They assist us in our decision making, and shape our workplace culture. Our values are reflected in all that we do, and are visible to all through the way in which we behave and interact with one another.

We are dedicated to providing healthcare services through a sincere commitment to our core values:

  • We honour and promote the dignity of human life and of all creation
  • We act with compassion and integrity
  • We strive for excellence.


Since 1914, Mater has maintained a proud history of training clinicians. In 1998 it established Mater Education as an RTO to provide contemporary interprofessional clinical education and training for both Mater’s own staff and the broader healthcare workforce.

Mater Education Limited (MEL) was recently established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Mater Misericordiae Limited, to ensure strong and consistent governance and continue providing quality education, training and learning services.

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