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2015copyright┬ęstudiodeco_mater015_750x500-(1).jpgSimulation in clinical education

Simulation training at Mater Education promotes and creates safe learning environments where clinicians from all experience levels and disciplines can continuously improve patient care delivery and outcomes by practicing and refining their:
  • skills
  • communication
  • team cohesiveness.
Using structured planning, delivery and evaluation frameworks, our programs create a safe and effective learning environment.

Adult learning principles and experiential learning models form the frameworks for simulation curriculums that encompass clinical, non-technical and human factor elements. Post-activity debriefing helps participants reflect on their practice, and in doing so uncovers the reasons behind the decisions they made.

All our clinical simulation programs incorporate themes from the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. This training gives participants the skills to be effective clinicians with the capacity to:
  • reflect on practice
  • reflect in practice
  • think critically
  • communicate effectively with the interprofessional team caring for each patient.
Mater Education is an Affiliate Partner of the internationally renowned Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston, USA. As the only Affiliate Partner in Australia and one of only three in the world, Mater Education and its alumni have an exclusive level of access to the resources, skills, advice and experience of a team who are international leaders in the field of clinical simulation.

Mater Education, in collaboration with the CMS, host courses for clinicians and educators interested in developing their knowledge and skills in using Simulation as a Teaching Tool, and Advanced Debriefing.

DSC_1358_750x500.jpgMater Education Practice Improvement Centre (MEPIC)

The Mater Education Practice Improvement Centre (MEPIC) is a purpose-built simulated clinical learning environment for healthcare students and clinicians. It’s a place they can safely practice challenging aspects of patient care, using either computer-controlled mannequins or trained actors as patients.

Healthcare students and clinicians can attend MEPIC programs to practice complex clinical scenarios that encourage high levels of clinical competence, critical thinking, teamwork and quality decision-making. 

MEPIC includes:
  • two immersive simulation suites
  • multidisciplinary and multipurpose clinical learning areas
  • a communication/consultation room.
  • It’s equipped with life-sized medium- and high-fidelity mannequins, as well as trained standardised patients, to facilitate a range of both clinical and non-clinical scenarios.
An array of part-task trainers (body parts) are also used to deliberately practice specific skills such as:
  • birth prompts
  • cannulation arms for IV insertion
  • central line management
  • chest compressions
  • advanced airway management.

These learning spaces and facilities may be available to hire. Contact us for more information.