Mater Education is a leading provider of interprofessional healthcare education, training and simulation, with worldclass clinical simulation programs, facilities and faculty.

We aim to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes through contemporary simulation, by developing a confident and competent contemporary health workforce, as well as fit-for-purpose facilities and services.

How can your healthcare organisation benefit from simulation?

Simulation in Education

We develop, implement and evaluate simulation programs to help organisations improve their knowledge, skills and teamwork to establish a confident and competent contemporary health workforce.


Optimisation through simulation
Safer, more effective and efficient healthcare delivery is the goal. Simulation provides the pathway to achieving it.
As a nationally recognised leader in the field of healthcare simulation, Mater Education presents OptiSim—a unique service for healthcare organisations, architects, engineers and medical device companies which uses a tailored simulation methodology and human factors expertise to assess and improve all facets of healthcare delivery.


Through our network of partners and affiliates, Mater Education and its alumni have an exclusive level of access to the resources, skills, advice and experience of the international leaders in the field of clinical simulation.

We are one of only three international Affiliate Partners (and the only one in Australia) of the globally renowned Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston, USA.

We also partner with several universities, and hold a Teaching Affiliation with the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions.


Mater Education operates two purpose-built high-fidelity simulation suites to facilitate clinical learning for healthcare students and clinicians.

This realistic and immersive environment allows individuals and teams to practice and problem-solve complex clinical scenariosin a safe and controlled setting, while encouraging high levels of clinical competence, critical thinking, teamwork and quality decision-making.

Facilities include:

  • two immersive simulation suites
  • multidisciplinary and multipurpose clinical learning areas
  • a communication/consultation room
  • an array of "subjects" to facilitate a range of both clinical and non-clinical scenarios, including:
    • Embodied Simulation Patients (volunteer patients),
    • life-sized medium- and high-fidelity mannequins, and
    • part-task trainers (body parts) to practice specific skills such as:
      • birth prompts
      • cannulation arms for IV insertion
      • central line management
      • chest compressions
      • advanced airway management.

We often work with organisations to deliver bespoke programs in our low and high fidelity simulation environments and learning spaces. These world-class facilities may be available for hire - please contact us for more information.