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First Aid


Would you know how to respond in an emergency? Our first aid course in Brisbane provides the lifesaving skills and knowledge required to provide a first-aid response to a casualty. From CPR techniques to assessing emergency situations, you’ll learn a series of competencies during the course to ensure you’re prepared for emergencies. 

This fun and practical first-aid training is aligned with the Australian Resuscitation Guidelines and is delivered by experts in first aid and resuscitation. If you want to get your first-aid certificate or renew an existing one, enrol in this course today. 

Who should attend?

This First Aid course is designed for anyone seeking or requiring basic first-aid knowledge including first-aid organisation personnel, community organisation members, teachers, educators and parents. The skills you’ll develop while you learn first aid can be applied in a range of settings.

Course information

  • You’ll get the skills and knowledge you need to provide a first aid response including:

    • cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic life support for adults and children (using a model of the human body)
    • basic health and safety knowledge
    • managing casualties, the incident and other first aiders until medical assistance arrives.

    You will also learn what to do when someone is:

    • unconscious
    • choking
    • injured
    • burned
    • having a stroke or heart attack
    • bitten by a spider or snake
    • poisoned.

    Note: CPR is included in this First Aid course, therefore you do not need to enrol in both programs. Click here to enrol in CPR only.