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Another milestone for Mater Education’s Diploma of Nursing students


It’s incredibly important to be supported on your career path, and a key part of this is creating a community of like-minded individuals who students can lean on during their studies and as they enter the workforce.

This year we are celebrating another milestone, with the launch of the new Mater Nursing and Midwifery Alumni – Enrolled Nurse Student Sub-chapter. This diverse group of students will help bring a student voice to improvements, as well as facilitate the sharing of knowledge, insight, perspective and understanding among the Nursing and Midwifery alumni.

They will also have access to incredible support and networking opportunities to help them achieve their goals and build a rewarding and enriching professional career.

Jackie North, Manager of Nursing and Midwifery Alumni, is a mentor in this new subchapter and is excited to have helped create an opportunity for our Mater Education enrolled nurses.

“2020 has certainly been a challenging year; however it has also presented us with many opportunities and there have been many ‘firsts’. An important first that will be recorded in Mater’s history books is that on August 5, 2020 we came together to launch the new Mater Enrolled Nurse Student Sub-chapter.”

“Whilst much has changed over the years since the original Mater Past Nurses Association was established more than 60 years ago; there are many things that haven’t changed, including the desire of people to remain connected with Mater and with each other.”

“The establishment of this new chapter is another significant milestone in Mater’s rich history. The students can look forward to coming together socially and professionally; and truly enjoy being involved in the life of Mater and all it has to offer."

Entering the healthcare workforce can be daunting as a newly qualified nurse, but with the continued advice and guidance of Mater nurses through the alumni, we’re proud to help make this transition as seamless as possible.