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Cost effective simulation solutions to training needs


Blog written by Sue Vidgen, Simulation Coordinator, Paul Ferguson, Simulation Technical Coordinator and Karen Wallace, Clinical Facilitator.

Anyone who comes into contact with vomit knows the distinct, pungent smell that permeates the room. We have found that nothing triggers our simulation participants to use personal protective equipment faster than the assault to their olfactory senses that our authentic vomit creates as they enter a scenario.

Within simulation, moulage is a ‘make up’ technique used to make realistic wounds, rashes or other special effects to create more realistic clinical cues for participants engaging with manikins or simulated patients. Over the past decade there has been much debate about the benefits that fidelity and realism play in adding context, authenticity and improving outcomes of simulation-based training.

Whilst not always appropriate is use in every simulation activity, this vomit recipe, complete with chunks, when placed in a vomit bag, dabbed on the face of a manikin or on the front of a patient gown, has been very successful in evoking an immediate, physical and emotive response from our participants. In Sim Speak, that is what we call ‘Buy in’!

So, if you would like to make your very own authentic looking and smelling vomit, click on the link below for our Authentic Vomit Recipe:



  • 1 x  400 gram can vegetable soup
  • Fake parmesan cheese powder
  • Approximately 100mls  beer


  • Empty vegetable soup into a deep bowel, mixing jug or flask for blending. Keep a small amount (`20-40mls) of the soup mix aside, ensuring you have a few chunky pieces (preferably pieces of carrot) in the mix
  • Using a ‘bar mix’ or blender, blend the larger quantity of soup until the vegetable pieces are much smaller. The mix does not need to be very smooth as this will add to its realistic quality.
  • Add 2-3 shakes of the parmesan cheese powder, beer and  the smaller, chunky portion of soup to the solution and mix well. The parmesan and beer will help give that pungent, scent to the vomit.
  • Transfer to a vomit bag, kidney dish or bowl and you are good to go


  • Vomit mix can put in snap lock bags and frozen and then defrosted for later use. We have defrosted, used and then refrozen mix multiple times. The smellier the mix the better.
  • Make sure you wear gloves if you don’t want smelly hands for the rest of the day
  • Also makes a great party or Halloween trick!

Want more buy in to your simulation education activity and need some helpful suggestions to make your moulage come alive? Get in touch with any of the Simulation Tech Team at MEPIC@mater.org.au to see how we can help you.