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From nanny and photographer to nurse in the making


Lilla Beckman’s first inkling to study nursing began at the age of 15. Now, aged 21, the Dutton Park based full-time nanny and photographer has decided to take the plunge and study the Diploma of Nursing through Mater Education.

“The idea to become a nurse began at 15, but I didn't begin nursing studies until the age of 21,” she said.

“I believe I needed to become lost, so I could be found again. So, the courage to end up here has been in the works for a while."

Lilla's decision to pursue a career in healthcare was driven by a deep sense of belonging and purpose she feels when caring for others.

“Seeing the worrying gap between First Nations people’s health and non-indigenous people’s health is a vast motivator as well. I believe it is my and every healthcare worker’s responsibility to contribute to these urgent targets.”

Lilla was also inspired by her late mother Anna, who’s greatest wish was for Lilla to receive an education.

“She was the most loving, witty, and present person and I’m so lucky I knew her. Her biggest wish for me was that I have an education and live my life with her love in my heart. So, she inspires me to keep dreaming and to be grateful every day.”

Lilla is currently in the first semester of her Diploma of Nursing, studying at Mater Hospital Brisbane. 

“I’m really enjoying time in simulated ward and learning skills while being hands-on. The theory for anatomy and cultural studies is super interesting as well.”

“My highlight of this course so far would be the friendships I'm building with fellow students. Hearing their stories and why they're doing nursing is so admirable. It’s a big cohort, but the support and warmth we have for each other makes it feel less intimidating.”

Once her studies have concluded, Lilla is eager to start working and pursue her passion. 

“I haven't quite figured out what role I want to begin in but I’m very passionate about First Nations people’s health, oncology, and midwifery so I’m sure there will be many options for me.”

Lilla’s advice to people thinking about studying nursing is to find your ‘why’.

“Having the ‘why’ can be an anchor for when the workload is heavy and there is doubt and stress. The support at Mater Education is very present, the educators, staff and students want you to achieve and be the best nurse you can possibly be.”

“I would highly encourage studying with Mater Education.”

Passionate about helping others? Apply for the Diploma of Nursing and start studying in January 2024 in Brisbane, Springfield or Townsville: https://mater.li/ApplyForDoN