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Dr Erin Wilson PhD student at Mater Research wins “Outstanding new presenter” award


In March 2018, Dr Erin Wilson won the “Outstanding new presenter” award at the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery Society XXVIII Annual Scientific Meeting.

The meeting is held every year to promote the advancement of gynaecological surgery across Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Erin Wilson a PhD student at Mater Research was given the “Outstanding new presenter” award for sharing her findings and research into how a box trainer can enhance the surgical skills of doctors outside the operating theatre.

A box trainer is a portable laparoscopic surgery trainer that gives trainees the ability to practice laparoscopic (keyhole) surgical skills at home in their own time. Mater Education has purchased the box trainers to allow the gynaecology trainees at Mater additional opportunities to develop their surgical skills.

“I felt honoured to receive this award.  Our research has demonstrated an improvement in the surgical skills of the gynaecology trainees who have participated in this program at Mater. As an obstetrics and gynaecological trainee myself, it is rewarding to have this research recognised as I believe simulation training can be of great benefit,” Dr Wilson said.

Dr Wilson also recognises Dr Sarah Janssens, Clinical Simulation Director at Mater, as being instrumental in the success of promoting the use of the simulation-based training in clinical areas, specifically the box trainer program.

“As a PhD student at Mater Research I am fortunate to work alongside hard-working and successful researchers from varied clinical backgrounds. Receiving this award has reinforced to me the value of my research and the importance of striving for excellence in surgical training,” said Dr Wilson.

“There are fewer opportunities for gynaecology trainees to develop their surgical skills in the operating theatre, as developments in medicine have reduced the need for some operations. I believe that patient safety is of the utmost importance and every opportunity for trainees to learn surgery in a controlled environment should be encouraged.”