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ED Simulation just in time for Christmas


The team in Mater Hospital Brisbane Emergency Department have participated in an educational simulation training activity known as the “Registrar’s Revenge”.

While simulation training occurs in the hospital on a regular basis this annual training event is more fun and allows junior doctors to present their senior medical and nursing leaders with a particularly difficult medical simulation designed to make them sweat.

This year’s challenge saw a patient named Kris Kringle present to hospital with a variety of challenging injuries and medical conditions. 

Mater Education Clinical Facilitator Zachary Buxton said this was an excellent opportunity for junior doctors to learn from their senior leaders. 

“We start the simulation with an ambulance call giving the inter-professional team, including nursing, doctors, volunteer support persons and allied health professionals, five minutes to prepare and then we present them with the patient,” he said. 

“As the simulation continues and they resolve one issue another more complicated one arises.  

“The doctors, nurses and other team members have no idea what will happen and it allows observers to see how their managers communicate with each other, manage their time and allocate resources in a complex situation.” 

Volunteer Coordinator Russell Williams said these simulations would not be possible without the help of their volunteers. 

“While the simulation is carried out on a mannequin we had Mrs Kringle played by Leigh Johnson from the Mater Volunteers Embedded Simulated Person program,” he said. 

“So often in emergency presentations the patient will be accompanied by a loved one and part of the training is keeping them supported and how best to communicate with them.

“We also had Marleene Brooks from the volunteer Mater Pet Therapy team with Ruby the “Reindeer” who played the role of accompanying service animal presenting the team with yet another complex challenge.” 

The simulation ended with Kris being stabilised and sent to the Intensive Care Unit before being discharged right in time for Christmas. 

Special thanks to our Volunteers, Mater Education, Emergency Department including Director Emergency Medicine Dr Greg Treston and Executive Leadership team including Director of Nursing Surgical & Acute Care, Surgical & Acute Care Nursing Arna Chauncey for helping make this training possible.