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Meet our educators - Anne Wilby


Anne Wilby is an educator with Mater Education, teaching the Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance. A Physiotherapist and London Contemporary Dance School Trained Dancer, you will spot Anne straight away thanks to her impeccable posture. We had the opportunity to talk to Anne about her role and why Allied Health Assistance is a great field for people to study.  


What brought you from being a trained dancer to physiotherapy?

Injury! I suffered chronic hamstring tendinopathy and back in the day couldn’t find anyone who was able to help me get better. When I studied chronic pain at university I had a lightbulb moment  finally I understood my situation and the pain journey I endured spanning over 10 years made sense. I think that’s why I enjoy education so much – knowledge is empowering. 

What does your role involve?  

I deliver the Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance for Mater Education and facilitate the students on placement. love working with students in situations where everyone is excited about knowledge and learning. Our bodies are incredible, and our capacity as human beings is huge. I get very enthusiastic teaching anatomy and physiology units, as well as anything relating to communication or behaviourIt is fulfilling to see the penny drop moments and to hear students recall what they have learnt with a sense of passion. Our programs help people to better themselves and I love being a part of that. 

What attracted you to working at Mater? 

I was originally attracted to a job opportunity that came up at Mater Mothers’ Hospital in the physiotherapy Department. I had great experiences while on placement here in Women’s Health and Orthopaedics and few years later I had my son at Mater Mothers. Mater has always been such a welcoming place for me, and when the position came up, I felt compelled to apply. 

What is a professional achievement you are most proud of?

Gaining the position of Clinical Educator at Mater Mothers Hospital was a career highlight for me and I am most proud when I see students I have trained employed at Mater. Now that I interact with even more students, it is brilliant to see them pursue their ambitions and support them along their career path.  

What made you decide to become an educator? 

Teaching was my first job in a support role at dancing. I have always felt at home in a class-based environment, and I’ve taught so many different genres from dance to Pilates to antenatal classes. Education was a natural progression for me as opportunities opened at work, and my mum was a teacher as well so it’s a profession I’ve always valued greatly. 

Why are the Mater Values important to you? 
When working with students and patients, aiming for excellence in service delivery brings motivation and satisfaction. Remaining true to my word is how I practice integrity and this in turn builds trusting relationships. Where are we without these? 

Dignity and compassion remind me to acknowledge my boundaries. Many of us as healthcare practitioners are people of empathy, so I take care to consider what is mine to feel and what to respect as someone else’s journey. I believe our values play a key role in raising the standard for others and helping us care for ourselves as well. 

Where does a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance take graduates? 

Graduates of the program are working at many hospitals around Brisbane in areas such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, speech pathology, community settings and aged care. We are very lucky to have large, allied health departments at Mater and many students are lucky to snap up the jobs that become available hereMost are happy to stay working in the field, but some then go on to study at university in their preferred allied health profession. 

What brings you the most joy or satisfaction in your role as an educator?  

It’s incredible witnessing the growth that’s possible in six months. The difference we see in students from the start to the end of their training is huge and I’m still amazed that it’s possible to go from unskilled to skilled worker in such a short space of time.  

Why should students study a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance at Mater?  

Our program at Mater Education is excellent. With new requirements recently outlined by the government we have compiled a six-month course that spans the lengths and breadths of assisting allied health professionals. The program is hands-on and practical helping people interested in healthcare to study and implement skills in a short space of time. Placements are based here at Mater, and we have great connections to the facilities and with the fabulous staff that work here. 

If you want to work at Mater this program is an excellent place to start. 

Curious about a career in allied health? Kickstart your healthcare career with a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance. Apply now to study in January 2024https://mater.li/AHA