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Exceptional students leading to exceptional care


Mater Education’s recent Diploma of Nursing graduation was a significant milestone, with the largest graduating cohort to date. Along with two successful scholarship students in the group, we also had the pleasure of watching Dominique graduate, who has had a long standing experience with Mater.
Dominique started her journey with Mater Education when she joined the Vocational Education and Training (VETiS) program during her final year at Kedron State High School. After wanting to choose a career where she could help the community, she decided to explore the healthcare industry.

The VETiS program is designed to give students the ability to develop an understanding of the medical industry and establish a solid foundation on which to build their healthcare career after Year 12. This course, aligned with Dominque’s eagerness to explore the industry, allowed her to complete the program along with 20 fellow students at her high school.

Dominique’s VETiS experience made the transition out of high school easy as she quickly understood the expectations of study after school. Her positive experience with Mater Education made deciding her next steps easy and she decided to pursue a career in Nursing, studying the Diploma of Nursing also offered at Mater Education.

“I knew choosing Mater Education was the best opportunity to begin my healthcare career. Mater’s reputation and values are so unique. The support from teachers and staff was incredible and you never feel like you were left behind”.

Simulation was the highlight of Dominique’s VETiS and Diploma of Nursing experience. It allowed her to put theoretical knowledge into practice and reaffirmed her decision to pursue a career in healthcare. Placement was also an enjoyable part of her Mater Education experience, recalling this as a turning point in her studies.

“I wanted to help people on their journey of recovery and the support that Mater gave me made the experience so much better. I had the confidence to complete placement and this is when I knew I’d made the right decision for my career.”

Now that she’s graduated, Dominique hopes to receive a Mater Graduate Position and we wish her luck in her future healthcare endeavours. If you’d like to start on your Nursing journey, you can view our range of courses here.