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Helping prepare Mater for COVID-19 through education and training


Mater Education has played a crucial role in the current COVID-19 situation, implementing tailored training programs to ensure both clinical and non-clinical staff within Mater are prepared, confident and equipped to help the community.

These measures have been put in place to support critical areas in the hospital and are inclusive of education on resilience and wellbeing. To date, 2663 clinical staff have undertaken online learning related to COVID-19 to refresh skills, covering topics such as PPE, infection control and hand hygiene.

Process testing simulations have also been practiced across Mater Mothers’ Hospital and Mater Hospital Brisbane to test patient flows and management of COVID-19 patients.

Katherine Jackman, Head of Learning and Development for Mater Education has been heavily involved in the roll-out of these programs and said a proactive approach had been taken.

“Mater people have shone in this situation and we have truly learned with, from and about each other,” Katherine said.

“It’s important that Mater continues to be proactive in our approach to COVID-19, from refreshing staff on critical practices to complete revisions of our patient admittance processes. We are all working together to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.”

You can keep up to date with Mater’s latest information on COVID-19 here, which includes a section dedicated to Mater Education’s students.