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How healthcare education funding is making a difference


Through the philanthropic ventures at Mater Foundation and generous donations from the community, Mater Education is able to make a difference to the delivery of healthcare through advanced education. 

One of the many programs made possible by Mater Foundation is a joint initiative of Mater Health and Mater Education, the Simulation Fellowship program.

This program is available exclusively to Mater clinicians and it was designed to upskill internal staff through innovative simulation training. As an Affiliate Partner of the internationally renowned Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston, Simulation Fellows at Mater Education can undertake CMS training at Mater, and also have the option to complete a residency program at CMS in Boston.

The outcomes of the Fellowships are incredibly impactful, with real improvements and learnings implemented across Mater’s hospital network.

Recently, Mater Foundation’s board members toured Mater Education’s simulated learning environment to gain a greater understanding of the Foundation’s Simulation Fellowship program, and the opportunities that are provided to staff through the funding.

Andrew Thomas, Executive Director of Mater Foundation initiated the tour with the board members, to better understand how the program advances Mater’s quality and delivery of care. 

“It was very clear to see how powerful simulation is at all levels of professional development. It was great to see the technology in action and to experience first-hand how amazing the facility is. The Mater Foundation board and donors have a genuine desire to see how their donations generate education opportunities which positively impact healthcare in the community.”

“When you consider the level of simulated training that even the most well-trained surgeons go through, we’re proud to be able to provide these opportunities to Mater clinicians to provide positive patient outcomes.”

The tour demonstrated the real-world impacts provided by the invaluable training that community support enables.

Pictured: Mater Foundation board members during their tour of Mater Education's simulation labs.