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International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops in Canada


Dr Joy Domingo-Bates is currently conducting a Simulation Fellowship of neonatology and paediatrics at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane and recently attended the 11th annual International Paediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops (IPSSW2019) in Toronto, Canada.

Dr Domingo-Bates is currently undertaking her fellowship with Mater Education, contributing expertise to designing simulation based education programs in maternity obstetrics.

Dedicated exclusively to paediatric and perinatal care, the IPSSW2019 puts the spotlight on simulation, and the role it plays in safety and effectiveness of care.

“There were educators and clinicians from all over the world; sharing so many different perspectives and approaches to care,” said Dr Domingo-Bates.

“There were a number of valuable interactive research projects and teaching methods that we will explore further, including Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice. We hope expand upon our current practices and incorporate some of these methods to continue to improve our education programs.”

“It was also fantastic to hear from such prestigious figures in the simulation space, especially Dr Betsy Hunt and Dr Adam Cheng who are leaders in simulation,” she said.

Mater Education is a leader in healthcare simulation and interprofessional education.

The fellowship is supported by Mater Foundation and provides Mater people with the opportunity to research, travel, and learn from field experts and connect with like-minded practitioners on an international scale.

Dr Domingo-Bates was the only representative from Queensland to attend the IPSSW2019, joining delegates from around the world. She will also be attending the Australasian Simulation Congress on the Gold Coast later this year.