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From small-town beginnings to real-world impact


Lachlan Shorey took a big step when he moved to Brisbane from a small town in Far North Queensland at the young age of 17. A few years later, he found himself making another life-changing decision when he enrolled into Mater Education’s Diploma of Nursing program. 

“I was 17 when I moved to Brisbane from the Tablelands in Far North Queensland. I moved down to Brisbane to live the big city life.” 

“I sold cars, worked in insurance and felt like none of it fit me, but nursing was always at the back of my mind. Then I started talking to a friend of mine who was studying a Diploma of Nursing with Mater Education. She was always encouraging me to do it and give it a try.” 

“I never thought I was smart enough to do it which is why I waited so long to apply, but then one day I decided, what do I have to lose? I’ll apply and see how I go, and the next thing I knew, I got in!”

Since he was a child, Lachlan always had an inkling that a career in healthcare was his calling.

“When I was younger, I always said to myself that I wanted to be a nurse or a pilot. Unfortunately, growing up I discovered I had some health issues, so being a pilot was off the cards for me. That’s what then put me on a course to pursue a career in healthcare.”

Lachlan is set to graduate mid-2022 and is keen to see where his Diploma takes him.

“There was five years between when I left school and when I decided to study my Diploma of Nursing. In reflection, I feel grateful that I didn’t go into it straight after school because it gave me time to mature emotionally and be ready.”

“I’ve been told that I have leadership potential, so I think my end goal is to become a leader, whether that be a Head of Nursing or something else within the field. I want to make real-world impacts and change people’s lives for the better.”

“My favourite part about studying with Mater Education was the relationships I made with my peers and educators. Regardless of what is going on at the time, the relationships I have made whilst studying make anything doable because I have such a strong support network around me.”

“To anyone who was thinking about studying a Diploma of Nursing, throw yourself into it. Don’t keep doing that job that doesn’t fulfil you and make you happy. Just do it, take the leap. If you apply yourself, you can do anything.”

If you’re ready to take the leap into a career in healthcare just like Lachlan, enrol into one of Mater Education’s many programs today. Explore your career pathway here.

Pictured: Lachlan Shorey, Diploma of Nursing student