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Mater Education article published in Advances in Simulation


Mater Education Simulation team have had an article published in the international journal Advances in Simulation, the official publication for the Society of Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine. The article details the simulation that was undertaken by Mater Education prior to the Mater Private Hospital Springfield opening in 2015.

The published paper details the planning, processes and outcomes from the simulation that lasted for a 24 hour period and involved members of the community as patients.

Melanie Barlow Director Simulation, said, the work we did at Mater Private Hospital Springfield is significant and we haven’t been able to find an example of anyone else doing a simulation of this size, or having a standardised approach to how they collected the data, collated, risk rated and reported to key decision makers.

“The documentation tools that are reported in the article were developed by the Mater Education team using the underlying theories of Plan-Do-Study-Act and the Health Failure Effect Analysis.”

The use of medical simulation for testing healthcare systems and processes is new and rapidly evolving in the global community. The article highlights the capabilities and expertise of the simulation team at Mater Education. Our aim is to continue to innovate and push the boundaries in order to help organisations solve problems, improve efficiencies and help ensure patient safety.

“Having a highly trained workforce is only half the equation. No matter how skilled our staff are, if they have to work with inefficient systems they will never be able to deliver the level of care expected by healthcare organisations and consumers,” said Melanie Barlow.

The complete journal article can be read here - Advances in Simulation.

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