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Mater Education Neonatal Pop-Up Simulation program wins International Award


The Neonatal Pop-Up Simulation program has been awarded the “Innovation in Neonatal Simulation” award at the 6th Annual Neonatal Simulation conference in the United Kingdom.

This award recognised the work of the Mater Education team who demonstrated how the Neonatal Pop-Up Simulation program has improved staff performance and used innovation when conducting simulation in neonatal and paediatric settings.

The Neonatal Pop-Up Simulation program exists as part of the wider Mater Pop-up simulation program which aims to train clinicians to respond to deteriorating patients at the point of care.

In 2016 Dr Richard Mausling gained a Simulation Fellowship position at Mater Education and as part of this position worked with the Simulation team to establish an interprofessional Neonatal simulation team that would ensure the Neonatal pop-up simulation program responded to the needs of the Mater’s healthcare team who routinely care for sick and preterm babies.

Mater Simulation Educator Alison Michaels said, it is an incredible achievement and an enormous credit to the entire team for the work that has gone into this program.

“Having the opportunity to share the work we are doing at Mater with an international audience was a great insight into the fact that the work we are doing here is innovative and sets us as leaders in the field of simulation.”

To date the program has run 45 individual simulation events with 275 participant exposures. The simulations include scenarios that include resuscitations in the Mater Mothers’ Hospital Birth Suites, Mater Hospital Brisbane Emergency Department, the car park and Mater Mothers’ Hospital Pregnancy Assessment Centre (PAC).

Alison was also awarded best oral presenter award for her presentation at the Annual Neonatal Simulation Conference.

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