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Mater Education Pop-Up Simulation program


Mater Education has been using Simulation as an education tool since 2009 and currently runs a program that allows for Simulations to take place in the clinical environment.

The program called Pop- Up Simulations is embedded into the everyday clinical presentations across different areas of the South Brisbane campus as well as Springfield and Redlands Hospitals.

The training simulations replicate real medical experiences, surgeries and emergencies in a fully interactive, immersive and life-like manner, without any risk to patient safety, experience or outcomes.

Dr Ryan Frazer, Emergency Department Registrar recently took part in a Pop-Up Simulation in the Emergency department that saw an expectant mother unexpectedly give birth at 32 weeks.

“The simulation was a valuable exercise for not only our Emergency Department Doctors, but also the hospital wide emergency response teams. The simulations help us prepare for what could walk through our doors at any time. It also highlights any areas where we may need to improve our performance.”

A Pop-Up Simulation is undertaken every week across all of the Mater Hospitals. Each simulation is developed by the Education team as part of its commitment to ongoing training. The staff who participate in the program are unaware of the scenario before they arrive, ensuring they are ready to respond to any emergency situation.

Stephanie Barwick, Education Coordinator said since we have started the program we have seen extremely positive outcomes for both staff and patients.

“The program gives clinicians the opportunity to continually develop and refine their skills without putting patients at risk. Running the simulation in the clinical environment gives participants a chance to review processes and provide feedback in a familiar space.”

“This means healthcare professionals can practice and perfect high stake, infrequently preformed procedures that can positively impact patient outcomes using best practice ensuring quality care is safely delivered,” Stephanie said.
The program celebrated its 1000thparticipant at a Pop Up simulation last month.

Simulation training at Mater Education promotes and creates safe learning environments where doctors, nurses and support service staff from all experience levels and disciplines can continuously improve patient care delivery and outcomes.