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Stacey revives nursing ambition


Stacey Imlay admits she's always regretted not becoming a nurse. Enter Mater Education.

The mum of three worked in office administration, tourism and hospitality and considered the police force before she discovered her true passion: nursing.

"I always wanted to do nursing after high school but I wasn't focused or engaged. I've always considered myself not very academic," she said.

"But one of my friends was working as a Registered Nurse and she planted the seed about doing the Diploma. I thought I was too old and I'd missed the boat but the more I thought about it, I realised it sounded awesome and something that I could do.

"18 months of study was far more achievable for me than going to uni for three years.

"So here I am in my late 40s and I'm doing it!"

A personal experience as a young girl was also a motivating factor in Stacey enrolling in the Diploma.

"Two of my brothers ended up in hospital with significant illness and injury when I was at school - one of them was diagnosed with Leukemia and the other was hit by a car," she said.

"Those two experiences shaped my thought process because I wanted to care for people and that has always stayed with me."

Stacey is now counting down until her graduation day in October after almost 18 months of studying the Diploma of Nursing. She said it's been a ride to remember.

"I have loved learning about the human body and the hands-on practical experience," she said.

"The challenge has been juggling family life and study but the educators have been very helpful - they want you to succeed."

After her graduation, Stacey hopes to find work in either palliative care or maternity care. She didn't hesitate when asked if she'd recommend the Diploma to others.

"If nursing has been your dream, do it! There's such a need for nurses and it's a job that's always going to be there."

Apply for the Diploma of Nursing today to start studying in Brisbane in October 2022 and Townsville in January 2023: https://mater.li/ApplyForDoN

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