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Q&A with career changer Kirsty


Mum of six Kirsty Keddie used to be a medical courier driver before completing Mater Education's Diploma of Nursing, living proof that it's never too late to start a career in healthcare.

Mater Education sat down with Kirsty to chat about her experience and where the Diploma has taken her. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.


I was born in Townsville and I'm number eight in a family of 10 kids. I have six kids of my own. I have been a volunteer with the Queensland State Emergency Service for 23 years - this is my hobby! I am currently a training officer at Ipswich SES group where I run training courses and plan the weekly training for members.


Why did you decide to enrol in the Diploma of Nursing?


I always wanted to be a nurse but having kids at a young age I didn’t have the ability to commit to a course and the placement required. Now I’m older and my kids are grown up I took the opportunity to fulfil my dream.


What were you doing before you started the course?


I was a medical courier driver in Brisbane city and I also did some work in disability support.  


Describe your experience as a mature age student.


Mater Education provided a really great environment for me to succeed as a mature aged student. There was always plenty of support from the educators and support staff.


When did you graduate the Diploma of Nursing?


December 2021


What are you doing now? 


I started as a graduate Enrolled Nurse (EN) at Mater Private Hospital Springfield in January 2022 and it’s going really well. I am just over half way through the program and learning a lot.


What do you do on a daily basis as an EN?


Patient Observations, medications, ADLs, liaise with other staff, talk to patients and family members. 


What’s the best part about being a nurse? 

Encouraging patients through their recovery and watching them improve everyday.

 Interested in becoming a nurse, too? Hurry, applications close this month to study in Brisbane in October: https://mater.li/ApplyForDoN