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Mum and son become Mater’s first ‘study buddies’


Brisbane mum and son Rebecca and Beau Benvenuti are set to become study buddies as they embark on a career change together to become nurses.

The pair recently enrolled in Mater Education’s Diploma of Nursing which will enable them to be qualified Enrolled Nurses in 18 months, and is the first mother-son duo to study the course together.

For Ms Benvenuti, who has worked in the jewellery business for more than 30 years, the career change at the age of 50 will see her fulfil a life-long dream of working in a hospital.

The mother of four said she and Beau had been inspired to enrol in the course by her daughter who works as an oncology nurse at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane.

"I am super excited that I am going to learn something that interests me,” Ms Benvenuti, of Everton Hills, said.

“The fact that after 18-months you can be working and earning also made it feel really doable for me.

“Once I finish my Diploma of Nursing, I would love to work within the post-natal care space, helping mums with new babies in an underprivileged area.” 

Beau, 19, said he had always wanted to work in a job where he helped others and made a difference in the community.

"I've been working in trades since I left school and got an apprenticeship in landscaping at the start of the year, but nursing interested me," he said. 

"Mum got really sick when I was 12 and she was in and out of hospital with an ulcer of the small intestine, leading to her becoming anaemic. 

"It made such a big difference having good nurses who actually showed care for people."

Beau said he was looking forward to sharing the journey with his mum. 

"We're the type of people who feel that we need to do something each day that matters,” he said.

Mater Education Executive Director Donna Bonney encouraged school-leavers and mature-aged students to explore the opportunity of studying Mater Education’s Diploma of Nursing.

“For students who want a career in health care, this is a great place to start,” Ms Bonney said.

“Students will gain contemporary theoretical knowledge and best-practice clinical skills. They will have the opportunity to undertake work experience across Mater’s network of hospitals, healthcare services, aged care centres and community care partners.”

She said changing careers was becoming more common, and mature students who wanted a career in nursing were just as capable of adding value to the health care industry as young people.

If you’re interested in a career in healthcare, applications are now open for the next intake of Mater Education’s Diploma of Nursing

Find out more about how you can turn your passion into reality at Mater Education’s Open Day events here.