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Mum, grandma, photographer and now nurse: Q&A with nursing student Amy Bergman


Amy Bergman is a mum, grandmother, photographer, business owner and has also worked in the funeral industry.

Now, she's about to become a nurse through the Diploma of Nursing. 

Mater Education chatted to Amy about her nursing journey so far. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.


I am 43 years old, a mum, and a nanny to four beautiful grandchildren! I was born in Victoria and moved to Queensland in my early teens. My family settled in Jimboomba soon after and I have lived in the area ever since. I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, having picnics in the sunshine, and snuggling with my grandbabies!


What did you before you enrolled in the Diploma of Nursing? 


I started my own photography business about 15 years ago, and through that work discovered a volunteer organisation of professional photographers dedicated to giving the gift of photographic memories to families who have experienced stillbirth or have children with serious or life threatening illness. Through this work I discovered an interest in the funeral industry and in 2017 I began working for a beautiful family-owned company here in Brisbane, and together we began specialising in providing funeral services for babies and children. 


What inspired you to try nursing?


Nursing has always been a career that I have been interested in and was something I considering doing following high school, but life took a different path. 

I think the pandemic made a lot of people question their career and job security. I revisited the idea of becoming a nurse and saw it as a way of contributing to the world during these challenging times. I have had a lot of positive interactions with Mater through my work with the volunteer organisation and the funeral home, so I had no hesitation in choosing Mater Education as my course provider. 


What stage of the Diploma are you currently at?


I have just finished my final semester three placement and am due to graduate this month. 


Is there a day that stands out in your mind in your journey so far? 


I will always remember our orientation day back in January 2021- I was so nervous but grateful for the opportunity and excited for the journey ahead! There have also been times whilst on clinical placement that patients have acknowledged my role in their care and said I made a positive difference to their day. That makes it all worthwhile and affirms my decision to become a nurse. 


What’s been your biggest challenge during the last 18 months?


Juggling family life with study is always hard but with good planning and support it is possible! My nerves around assessment time have been a challenge to manage but my confidence is growing which feels good.


What kind of nurse do you want to be?


I want to be a nurse that is patient and kind, and one that strives to make a difference in someone’s day. It is a privilege to be in a position where on people’s worst days, I can help make their lives a little better. 


What are your plans post-study?

Once graduated, I hope to gain employment at Mater and begin my career as an Enrolled Nurse. Whilst on placement I have enjoyed varied clinical environments, but I think long-term I would like to continue my work with bereaved families on the postnatal ward.

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