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Simulating a caesarean section as a training aid


The delivery of a deeply impacted fetal head during a caesarean section is a difficult, stressful and traumatic procedure. The ability to train clinicians and rehearse the skills involved is therefore highly valuable in preparing a team for real occasions.

Mater Education’s Simulation team were recently tasked with creating a multi-purpose silicone based abdominal layer. This was then used to train the obstetric team to deliver a deeply impacted head and manage a postpartum haemorrhage during a caesarean section.

In response to the Simulation technical team helping facilitate such training and rehearsal, an inexpensive and realistic task trainer suitable for simulating the procedure was created. Using silicone, the team developed a realistic abdominal layer and uterus model that could hold a baby, be cut, bleed and be sutured.

Mater Education’s Simulation team facilitate these types of rehearsals and can provide intervention and rigorous debriefing to ensure teams are confident that any potential risk to patient safety has been addressed, improving patient outcomes.