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SPOT now connects to Sonia


Mater Education is pleased to announce a new application programming interface (API) connection will soon be available that allows university users to see SPOT (Student Placement Online Tool) information directly through Sonia. 

SPOT is a web based solution for managing and coordinating student clinical placements. Developed by Mater Education to meet its own student placement management needs, the software is now licensed to other healthcare providers that host students on placement. 

Mater Education SPOT Program Manager, Troy Forster, said the API was developed in response to feedback from university partners who had to use both SPOT and their own placement management systems.

“Currently, universities who send their students on clinical placement need to log in to both SPOT and their own placement management system, to view and add information about students on placement,” Mr Forster said. 

“We saw an opportunity to increase efficiency for our users, so we’ve been working on this new API connection with Planet Software who are the vendors of Sonia—one of the most popular placement management systems used by education providers,” he said. 

The API connection allows users to see important information such as whether student details have been provided to SPOT, directly through Sonia, reducing the need to log in to multiple systems. 

“The team at Planet Software are now working to expand the capabilities of this API connection, to enable Sonia to push information directly into SPOT, which would further decrease the administrative load on education providers,” Mr Forster said. 

To find out if this new API connection may be beneficial for your organisation, contact your clinical placement provider.