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ED Simulation just in time for Christmas

The team in Mater Hospital Brisbane Emergency Department have participated in an educational simulation training activity known as the “Registrar’s Revenge”.

Long awaited career change worth the wait for Darlene

As a self-described “jack of all trades", Darlene spent over 30 years working in accounting, administration, pathology and even patchwork and quilting. Despite her many and varied jobs, the ever-generous and compassionate Darlene says she’s dreamt about becoming a nurse since she was just 17.

Is it time to share the leadership in obstetric emergencies?

As healthcare providers, we are faced with times when we hit the emergency bell and pray for help to arrive soon. No matter where or what the emergency is, when help arrives leadership is vital for the team to work effectively together.

Meet Shaun—a passionate role model inspiring our students each day

Shaun Lacey has been working in aged care for 25 years and shares his passion for the industry and why he loves helping students prepare for a rewarding career. 

The clinical education workforce: the understated heroes of healthcare

There is one group of clinicians within healthcare who tend to go under the radar. Their impact is not obvious, but is of the highest of significance; to patients, to our staff, to the organisation. These often unsung heroes are our clinical education workforce.

From ICU Clinical Nurse Consultant to savvy podcaster, Jesse shares his passion for education

We are incredibly excited to have Jesse Spurr join us for the Educating the Educator Symposium in November and he is equally as eager to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with attendees in November.

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