Procedure Rehearsal

New, complex surgeries and innovative medical procedures represent medical advancement at its best. They also represent risk.

OptiSim Procedure Rehearsals deliver the ability to eliminate much of this risk.

By facilitating highly realistic surgical and procedural simulations, OptiSim Procedure Rehearsals allow medical teams to step-through complex and high-risk procedures as though undertaking the real thing.

This live rehearsal approach means every facet of the planning process is revolutionised:

  • There is now room for flexibility and repetition, allowing medical teams to build confidence and preparedness

  • Medical teams have the opportunity to identify and overcome a multitude of potential complications, mitigating risk to patients when the real operation occurs.

  • Critical time factors can be trialled.

  • There is room for valuable debriefing, discussion and reflection.

Case study: Australian-first in-utero surgery

To enquire about OptiSim Prototype Testing, contact Head of Partnerships, Programs and Innovation, Stephanie Barwick, on 0438 748 557 or make an online enquiry.