Prototype Testing

Facility and system design

Conceptual planning and prototype testing is critical to success in healthcare facility and system design.

OptiSim Prototype Testing delivers an innovative approach that leaves no room for missed opportunities.

Careful collaboration with architects, designers, engineers and facility managers throughout the design phase ensures every element of a facility or system design set to impact on service delivery and patient safety is simulation tested and reviewed.

From the macro through to the micro, this includes facility layout; joinery design and positioning; through to the value and responsiveness of fixtures and fittings.

OptiSim Prototype Testing enables identification of issues as early as possible in the design and prototyping phases to make there is adequate time for modification. This eliminates the risk of costly alterations during construction.

The program’s modelling supports ‘problem solving’ over workarounds—the pursuit of efficiency and excellence in patient care guiding every simulation activity to deliver optimum results.

Medical devices

An innovative medical device has the potential to improve patient outcomes, increase performance and efficiency, and bring down costs.

Ensuring a device meets this potential is highly dependent on prototype testing.

OptiSim Prototype Testing extends beyond traditional clinician review, harnessing simulation to bring ‘trial to life’.

An orthopaedic surgeon in a live operating theatre is using a scalpel prototype to make an incision in a simulated patient, allowing for acute assessment of blade activation and handle length.

An ear, nose and throat surgeon leads a cochlear implant simulation, testing incision size, implant positioning and receiver threading for a new prototype. The operation’s timing (from start to finish) is monitored for efficiency, and the range of operation eventualities are explored.

Each tailored OptiSim Prototype Testing simulation delivers a level of observation and evaluation so intuitive it cannot be matched.

To enquire about OptiSim Prototype Testing, contact Head of Partnerships, Programs and Innovation, Stephanie Barwick, on 0438 748 557 or make an online enquiry.