Systems Testing

Achieving the seamless introduction of a new operational system or process has long been a challenge in healthcare.

The inevitable ‘teething period’ once a system or process goes live is often when issues with workflow efficiency, compliance management, and most important—safety risk—will be revealed.

OptiSim Systems Testing, however, moves the goal posts on this.

Through the program’s immersive in-situ simulations healthcare teams are able to experience a teething period ahead of rollout.

Operating in this controlled environment with no risk to patients, operational leaders, clinical teams and administrative personnel work with the new system or process in a fully activated state.

This allows for:

  • identification of any active and latent threats to operation

  • testing of the impact of human factors

  • full trial of theory to practice connectivity.

  • within this simulated environment the new system or process has space to evolve and improve reactively—all prior to roll-out.

Case study: New medical clinic

To enquire about OptiSim Systems Testing, contact Business Development Manager Judith Todd on 0481 904 252 or make an online enquiry.