Clinical Skills & Teamwork

Mater Education is rapidly evolving beyond the traditional ‘apprenticeship’ model of clinical teaching and learning toward a multilayered, interprofessional, team-based approach to practice development. This is changing how organisations, clinical units and individual clinicians engage in learning and development.

Simulated learning experiences are leading to significant improvements in patient safety, outcomes and clinician confidence. We use simulation to support safe, deliberate practice to train the healthcare workforce to be highly skilled, high functioning interprofessional teams.

Deliberate practice of clinical skills is achieved through facilitated rehearsal of skills with part task trainers, virtual procedural simulators and mastery learning pathways.

Deliberate practice of teamwork, communication and crisis resource management principles occurs in our immersive team scenarios aligned with the specialty. These scenarios occur both within the simulation centre as part of a structured educational program and at the point of care delivery (within the real clinical environment), for skill retention and just in time training/rehearsal.

Programs include: