Simulation Faculty Development

We also help organisations develop their own simulation faculty and capability, from foundational design and development training through to advanced debriefing and educational programs. We also offer simulation fellowships, internships, coaching and mentoring services.

In addition to structured programs, Mater Education offers a suite of shorter workshops to help maintain and further develop your simulation delivery and debriefing capability.

Programs include:



Simulation fellowship and internship opportunities include:


  • Clinical Simulation Fellowship (12 months) | Funded fellowship position, available annually and exclusive to Mater clinicians
  • Visiting Fellowship (6 months)
  • Simulation Internship (1 - 3 months) | Education Stream or Technical Stream
  • Simulation Internship (1 - 3 weeks) | Professional Development Stream

Alternatively, Mater Education can help create a customised learning program - please contact us for further details.