Code of practice

01. Code of practice

As an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Mater Education must meet the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework requirements so it can be registered to:

  • deliver and assess nationally recognised training
  • issue nationally recognised qualifications.

Failure to meet these obligations or supporting regulatory requirements may result in loss of registration.
Mater Education is a member of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) and abides by its Code of Ethics. The code defines our obligations to students, the public and to other education and training services providers. It also reinforces our commitment to high professional standards, quality and integrity in all our dealings.

Mater Education does not deliver training under any third-party agreement.  We are responsible for compliance of our training and assessment, providing clear and factual information about our products and services and for delivering the training and assessment as described.

Mater Education is responsible for, and committed to, operating in accordance with the practices defined by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) relating to the issuing, recording and reporting of AQF qualifications, statements of attainment and related certification. 

Mater Education will ensure that students who undertake a program of study with Mater Education are issued the correct certification in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements of the Training Package.


02. Client services

Mater Education has sound management practices to ensure effective client service, including timely issue of assessment results and qualifications. Qualifications will be appropriate to competencies achieved and issued in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Mater Education is committed to ensuring prospective students have sufficient and clear information about MEL's services before enrolment. Prospective students should contact the relevant course coordinator if they need assistance, clarification or more information.

03. Legislative requirements

Mater Education complies with relevant Commonwealth and State legislation.

04. Quality management focus

Mater Education is committed to providing a quality service with a focus on continuous improvement. We actively seek and value feedback from students, staff and employers to incorporate into future programs.

05. Access and equity

Mater Education is committed to ensuring training access is maximised for all clients. All participants will be recruited ethically and responsibly, consistent with the requirements of the endorsed Training Package.

We will ensure equity principles for all clients are implemented through the fair allocation of resources and the right to equal opportunity without discrimination.

To encourage positive outcomes for participants and clients, access and equity principles and practices are incorporated when developing and delivering all training programs and services.

06. External review

Mater Education has agreed to participate in external monitoring and audit processes. This includes random quality audits, audit following complaint and audit for the purposes of re-registration.

07. Marketing and advertising

Mater Education markets its vocational education and training products with integrity, accuracy and professionalism.

08. Admission procedures

When admitting candidates, Mater Education will adhere to all aspects of social justice. Applicants will be assessed for entry to courses on:

  • successfully meeting course pre-requisites
  • a demonstrated capacity and willingness to complete training in a professional and courteous manner
  • an appropriate level of written and spoken English.

Students must be able to read, write, speak and comprehend English (as these skills form an integral part of training), and must be able to do so before entry. Where necessary, applicants may be referred to external agencies for language, literacy and/or numeracy assistance before commencing their course.

Mater Education reserves the right to only admit candidates whom the selection panel believes meet the entry criteria.

09. Management and administration

Mater Education has policies and management strategies to ensure sound financial and administrative practices. Mater Health Services guarantees Mater Education's sound financial position and safeguards students’ fees until used for training and/or assessment. Our refund policy is fair and equitable. Student records are managed securely and confidentially, and are available for student perusal on request.Mater Education holds the necessary insurance policies to conduct its business.

10. Counselling and support services available

MEL undertakes a duty of care towards its students, and so course counselling is available on request. MEL will support students appropriately as required, including referral to external providers.

11. Disciplinary procedure

Students are expected to behave in a socially responsible manner and respect the rights of both other students and training/administration staff. Mater is an adult learning environment and all students are expected to participate in a mature manner.

If Mater Education feels the training relationship is being abused (e.g. repeated refusal to follow training plans or disruptive behaviour), we reserve the right to take disciplinary action, which could include cancellation of training.