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High School Health Adventure

Are you a year 10, 11 or 12 student thinking about a career as a health professional? If so this program is for you! 

The High School Health Adventure program is a three day hands on immersive experience to expose high school students to the exciting opportunities available to them in a variety of healthcare professions. This program will use simulation to provide an experience of what ‘a day in the life’ of a healthcare professional might look like.  We will harness the power of storytelling within a unique curriculum designed to follow simulated “patients” on their journey through the healthcare system as a way to teach students about the health profession. 

The goals of the program are centred on giving students an experience that helps them make a decision for their future career.

High School Health Adventure will cover emergency and critical care, surgical, obstetrics and provide a forum to understand academic pathways required to become a health professional.

Course information

  • This is a three day course delivered by an interprofessional team using simulation, small group activities, skills stations, panel Q&A with graduate health professionals and a small Education Fair to highlight educational pathways and requirements to a career in healthcare.