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CPR training gives Lamb Island residents a confidence boost


The residents of Lamb Island will be better equipped to deal with an emergency thanks to bespoke CPR training delivered by Mater Education.

Two Mater Education staff members led the course over three days this month (11, 21 and 22 October), delivering the training to 50 members of the Lamb Island Residents Association (LIRA).


President of LIRA Janet Cannon said many members of the community wanted to feel more confident in looking after themselves and each other in the event of an emergency.


"The average age of our residents is 64 and many don't feel confident enough to deal with a health scare," she said.


"My husband fell and hit his head at the local shop not long ago, but nobody was able to do anything. Luckily the retired nurse up the road was able to assist but it’s important to have more than one person to call on.


"We went looking for a course that we could do as a community to build confidence and resilience in health so we contacted Mater."


Janet said the CPR training would be helpful in many situations that residents have faced.


"We've had snake bites, a couple of falls and diabetes scares. It's good to know what to do with an Epipen when the grandkids come to visit, as well as the signs of a heart attack," she said.


"We don't want to rely on calling an ambulance when it's not necessary."


Mater Education coordinator Peta Sullivan said this is the first time the team has delivered tailored CPR training to large groups of older residents.


"LIRA approached us back in March and really wanted to deliver the training in October to coincide with Queensland Seniors Month," Peta said.


"It's important for residents to feel helpful. Also your chance of surviving a heart attack is much higher if someone can perform CPR immediately.


"Our two staff members, Vic and Ashley, will teach the residents tips and tricks on how to manage things like allergies, asthma attacks, wound care and the early signs of a stroke.


"You're never too old to learn!"


The Lamb Island CPR training is being funded by a grant from the Redland City Council.


Interested in learning CPR through Mater Education? Click here: https://www.matereducation.qld.edu.au/essential-training/cardiopulmonary-resuscitation-cpr