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Dr Sarah Janssens invited to speak at International Clinical Skills Conference in Italy


Mater Education’s Director Clinical Simulation, Dr Sarah Janssens was recently invited to present at the 8th annual International Clinical Skills Conference in Tuscany, Italy.

The conference is internationally renowned for its multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, simulating debate, and innovation regarding evidence-based clinical teaching and learning.

Dr Janssens presented two seminars during the conference, discussing her PhD research into maternity teams.

“Shared leadership is associated with improved team performance in many domains, but little is understood about how leadership is shared spontaneously in maternity emergency teams, and if it is associated with improved team performance,” said Dr Janssens.

Her research was recently published in BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning, Leadership sharing in maternity emergency teams: a retrospective cohort study in simulation’.

“It was fantastic to share my research and to represent Mater in an international forum,” said Dr Janssens.

The theme of this years’ conference was conversations. The latest research into best practice clinical education brought new and expert clinical educators together to discuss a variety of topics around clinical communication skills.

“There were great discussions about clinical teaching and learning opportunities, but also about the importance of behavioural and interpersonal skills needed to deliver quality, considerate patient care,” said Dr Janssens.

“Leaders in education from around the world discussed how communication practises and storytelling can impact patient care. Simple things like humanising medical terminology with patients and taking the time to explain medical procedures; all can build a fantastic relationship between the care team and the patient, ultimately enhancing their care,” she said.

Dr Janssens noted that Mater is already making progress in this space. Mater Education’s Open Disclosure © course is designed to help participants conduct conversations with transparency and compassion. Effective open disclosure conversations can assist health service organisations to manage adverse events compassionately for consumers and staff, as well as improving communication and organisational systems.

This course aims to prepare any health professional who may be involved in Open Disclosure conversations. Find out more at matereducation.qld.edu.au.